Resources for Your Patients: Heart Failure

Welcome to the Resources for Your Patients: Heart Failure page of MSHP’s Chronic Condition Management Hub. Here you’ll find resource lists, notetaking templates, fact sheets, and more to help your patients learn about and successfully manage their heart failure.

Print and share these resources with your patients as you work together on their health journey.


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Questions for My Physician

Note taking template for patients


Patient Resources

Authoritative sources for clear and concise information


Cómo manejar la salud de su córazon

Guía completa para pacientes con insuficiencia cardíaca que incluye recomendaciones dietéticas y de estilo de vida, definiciones y más


Managing Your Heart Health

Comprehensive guide for heart failure patients including lifestyle and dietary recommendations, definitions, and more


Video: How to Take Your Blood Pressure at Home

Learn how to take your blood pressure at home with this quick video


Healthy Living Resources

From the American Heart Association. Find recipes, exercises, and more to help you live a heart healthy lifestyle.


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