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Care Management

Contact: MSHPCMReferral@mountsinai.org

The MSHP Care Management Team partners with patients, family caregivers, and providers to identify and address known risk factors that can impact patients’ health. Together with telephonic disease/symptom management and navigation services, the nurses, social workers, and care coordinators of MSHP Care Management blend their skills to offer personalized, impactful support to each referred patient. 

MSHP Support Services

For questions, you can contact our provider engagement team or our main hotline: 
Call: 877-234-6667

Fax: 646-537-1481

E-mail: mshp@mountsinai.org

Provider engagement team

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MSHP Website Overview and Provider Search (Video)

Learn about valuable resources available on the MSHP website for members of Mount Sinai Health Partners, including a specific video and guide on the enhanced Provider Search Tool. 

Click here to view the Website Tools and Resources Guide

Click here to watch the Provider Search video and here to view the Provider Search Guide