Resources for Your Patients: Diabetes

Welcome to the Resources for Your Patients: Diabetes page of MSHP’s Chronic Condition Management Hub. Here you’ll find resource lists, notetaking templates, fact sheets, and more to help your patients learn about and successfully manage their diabetes.

Print and share these resources with your patients as you work together on their health journey.


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Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

Conquer the holidays and stay on track with your diabetes meal plans

Healthier Holiday Choices

Resources to help you make healthier swaps at all of your holiday meals and gatherings

7 Tips to Care for Your Heart when You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Add these seven tips to your self-care checklist

Questions for My Physician

Note taking template for patients

Patient Resources

Authoritative sources for clear and concise information

Know Your Numbers

Knowing five numbers can give you a more accurate picture of your health. Keep track of them here.

Understanding Your Medications

A practical guide to understanding diabetes medications and how they work

What is Diabetes?

An informational one-pager



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