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Mount Sinai Health Partners is working with employers and brokers on a new set of innovative capabilities to address rising costs and to improve outcomes

There is a growing affordability crisis in health care

Many governments, employers and consumers will be unable to afford health care in the 2020s1. Primary care is difficult to find/access and is plagued by inconsistent care quality and poor customer service, resulting in increased cost as consumers self-refer to specialists and health issues go unmanaged. Purchasers of health care commonly experience 3 to 5 fold variance in the cost of specialty care, services commonly plagued by inconsistent quality and poor customer service. Mount Sinai Health Partners acknowledges these challenges and as a health care leader, in New York and nationally, we believe it is incumbent upon us to meet these challenges.

Maximizing value for every dollar spent

Mount Sinai Health Partners is in the process of innovating a new set of capabilities to help solve the affordability crisis while improving care quality and patient satisfaction. But Mount Sinai Health Partners realizes we cannot do it alone. We are working with employers and brokers on solutions such as worksite clinics, disease management programs and specialty care bundles. If you are looking for a health system to collaborate with to improve outcomes for your employees or your employer customers, then please reach out to us – we would love to discuss opportunities with more forward thinking employers/brokers.

American Health Policy Institute. “Towards a New Model of Health Care: Employer-Facilitated Care”. Andrews, Robert, Jeffrey McGuiness and Tevi Troy. February 2016.

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