Provider Engagement Managers

Your assigned Provider Engagement Manager acts as a practice coach, partnering with you to help you manage your relationship with Mount Sinai Health Partners. See below for contact information and territories.

  • Michael Olivieri, Senior Director

    Provider Engagement and Outreach

  • Roland Nicol, Director

    Provider Engagement and Outreach

  • Justin Jimenez

    West Side of Manhattan

    • West 34th–West 97th Street

    All of Staten Island

  • Chelsea Johnson

    All of Queens

    Lower/Mid Manhattan

    • East Side: 59th street and below
    • West Side: 34th street and below
    • Midtown: East of Park Ave from 34th Street–59th Street
  • Joann Larosa

    All of Nassau

    All of Suffolk

  • Dwayne Quinn

    Upper/East Manhattan

    • East Side: 79th street and Above
    • Northern: above 97th street

    All of Bronx

    All of Westchester

  • Farlande Regina

    East Side of Manhattan

    • East 59th–East 79th Street

    All of Brooklyn